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Welcome to the website of the Japan-America Society of Greater Austin.  Please feel free to explore our calendar of events and newsletter information.

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Latest News

JASGA's 10th Aki Matsuri Japan Fall Festival was a success!

JASGA's 10th Aki Matsuri 秋祭り
2016 Japan Fall Festival was a success!

Thanks to all those who helped us to make JASGA's 10th Aki Matsuri - 2016 Japan Fall Festival - such a great success!

The effort and dedication of all groups, including performers, demonstrators, vendors, exhibitors, volunteers, students from JASGA Japanese Calligraphy class, Japanese class students at McCallum & LASA high school as well as the generosity of our festival sponsors, auction and giveaways donors, are much appreciated.

Please click here and here to view photos from the Festival.


2016 Aki Matsuri ~ Japan Fall Festival Highlight video (videographer Yu Otuska)

Performers and Presenters:

太鼓 Japanese Drums | Austin Taiko
民謡踊り Japanese Folk & Festive Dance | Austin Japanese Folk Dance group
誠道塾空手道  Japanese Traditional Seido Karate | Sun Dragon Martial Arts and Self Defense
茶の湯  Tea Demonstration| Sheila Fling (Tea name: Soshin)
沖縄舞踊  Okinawa Traditional Dance | Setsuko Kuniyoshi, Miyagi-ryu Nosho-kai Ryukyu Dance School
日本舞踊  Japanese Traditional Buyo | Marie & Amy Yamamoto, Jansen Wada
盆踊り  Bon Dance | Fall Festival participants & Austin Japanese Folk Dance Group
居合道 Iaido  Japanese Martial Arts | Austin Komei Juku
剣道 Kendo   Japanese Martial Arts | UT Kendo Club & Austin Kendo Doshikai

2016 Aki Matsuri Sponsors:
Anime Austin | Coco's Cafe | Asahi ImportsKome Sushi Kitchen | Yakult USA | ANA

Food & Arts Vendors:
Asahi Imports | Coco’s cafe | Kimono Yawara | Kyoto Weddings | Sachi Creations | LAQ Blocks | Murals x Muzacz | ANIMANIA | ChibiKaos Studios

2016 Exhibitors:
Anime Austin

Silent Auction and Giveaways Donors:
Robin Jackson Photography | Austin Anime | Coco's Cafe | Uchi | Kome | Fukumoto | Daito | Umi Sushi & Grill | Daruma Ramen | Michi Ramen | Saten | Dragon's Lair Comics and Fantasy | Terra Toys | Alamo Drufthouse Cinema | ifly World | Pong Club | Evan Taniguchi | Jan Jarboe Russell | Kako Ito | Rodney Pedraza | Sun Dragon Martial Arts & Self Defense | Kimono Yawara | Kyoto Weddings | Murals x Muzacz | LAQ Blocks | Vikie Ojeta | Sachi Creations | YAKULT USA | BB&T Bank 

2016 Aki Matsuri Program:

                                                   (Click on the image to download the program, designed by Aki Omikawa)

Thanks to the 2016 JASGA's Japan Fall Festival Volunteers:

William Groot, Mary Feng, Alex Ciccone, Georga Shirai, Quintin Reyes, Esteban Reyes, Rie Grams, Robyn Westerlund, Katsuya Sato, Aki Omikawa, Kai Jones, Chris Jones, Kazuko Maeda, Yoko Morgan, Tami Nagasawa, Aya Koga, Chika Endo, Kyoko Kushiro, Aaron Himmler, Aam Meeser, Colin Bestable, Emi Nishimura, Yu Otuska, Sora Arisaka, Sota Iwasaki, Keiichi Yamamoto, Kenichi Ono, Celena Urabe, Michael Schaefer, Toshio Nishida, Hiroko Karch, Japanese language class students at McCallum & LASA high school

Special thanks to visit our 10th Japan Fall Festival, Deputy Consul-General Iwasaki and Vice Consul Takase at the Consulate-General of Japan in Houston. 

Thank you again and we'd love to see you all at 2017 Aki Matsuri ~ Japan Fall Festival!  

2016 Japan Fall Festival ~ JASGA's 10th Aki Matsuri

Come Join Us and Have Fun!
2016 Aki Matsuri 秋まつり
JASGA's 10th Annual Japan Fall Festival

Taiko drums, Japanese traditional buyo and festive dance, traditional musical instruments, the beauty of the Chanoyu presentatation, Japanese martial arts, and Okinawan traditional dance -- all this will bring the esthetic gifts of Japanese culture to Austin and Central Texas during the 2016 Aki Matsuri, Japan Fall Festival.

Visitors will enjoy a range of Japanese food and sweets, drink sampler, Japanese arts, games, anime goods, yukata booth, calligraphy, origami hands-on, Japanese entertainment. In addition, there will be Silent Auction for items such as airline ticket to Japan, restaurants and massage/spa gift certificates, Japanese art collections, anime & festive goods, games, kimono, Obi, accessories, door prize, and more!                      

Those who wear Cosplayed, Lorita, Harajuku, Tokyo street fashion, Kimono participants are always welcome and Win the Fashion Contest!

Saturday, November 12, 2016   
12:00-4:00 PM
O. Henry Middle School

Fall 2016 Japanese Language and Shodo Programs

Thank you for your interest in Japan-America Society of Greater Austin Japanese Language Classes.  We currently offer Japanese language class at various levels in Austin.  Registration is now open!

At a glance

  • Class location this Fall 2016 - Anderson High School
  • The start date:  Wednesday,  9/21/2016 
  • Levels from total beginner to advanced
  • 12 meetings of 1-hour or 1.5-hour classes, once per week
  • Hiragana and Katakana workshop
  • Business Japanese (Advanced)
  • Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) preparatory course
  • Classes of 5 - 12 students
  • Experienced, native Japanese-speaking instructors and college degree holders 
  • Tailored private tutoring classes available
  • Offers Corporate Language Study Program
  • Kids Class (younger than 6 years old)
  • Registration Deadline:  Monday, September 19, 2016

End of Summer Classical Music Concert

In late summer of 2016, Japan-America Society of Greater Austin hosted the End of Summer Classical Music Concert with a young piano, cello and violin trio. We also invited a bright, talented guest pianist.  JASGA was delighted to host the performance by these promising young musicians. We would like to thank everyone who attended the Sunday afternoon concert.  All of us surely enjoyed their music.

Young classical musicians are:
Trio: Yurina Umekawa (Piano), Daniel Meglino (Cello), Laoise Matsumoto (Violin)
Guest Pianist:  Eddie Yoshida
* Ave Maria: accompanied by Gelsomina Megiino-piano
* Violin solo: accompanied by Kiyoshi Tamagawa-piano

Please click here and here to view photos from the concert.

Please also enjoy the concert video.  

This concert is sponsored by: Anne Akiko Meyers (JASGA Lifetime & Bronze member @anneakikomeyers.com) and Japan-America Society of Greater Austin (@jasga.org).

Thank you again for the wonderful performance and supporting young musicians!

"I had no idea that when I began violin lessons at 4 years old, music would so deeply influence and enrich my entire life. It has introduced me to many different cultures and wonderful relationships, all from learning this uniquely powerful universal language. I am so thrilled to know that music is a part of all your lives and wish you much success. 
Stay humble and feel gratitude and appreciation as your commitment to creating something beautiful will help carry you throughout your life." --- by Anne Akiko Meyers

Summer 2016 Japanese Language and Shodo Programs

Thank you for your interest in Japan-America Society of Greater Austin Japanese Language and Shodo Japanese Calligraphy Classes. We currently offer Japanese language and Shodo classes at various levels in Austin. Registration is now open!

At a glance

Taniguchi Japanese Garden and Sustainable Japanese Garden Design

The Japan-America Society of Greater Austin (JASGA) invited two principal speakers from architecture and landscape engineering design firms to speak at the Zilker Botanical Garden Center Auditorium on Saturday, March 26, 2016.

Evan Taniguchi opened the event and talked about his grandfather, Isamu Taniguchi, who built the Taniguchi Japanese Garden.

Keiji Asakura talked about  the Japanese garden and its relevance in our American culture in the past, present and future - how it had helped shaped our landscape and horticulture in the past, how the idea is informing and shaping our design of public spaces today, and how it may transform our relationship with nature into a more sustainable path.
After the presentations, Evan led the participants out to the Taniguchi Garden to enjoy the plum, peach and cherry blossoms and the other plants there.